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Onslaught of Tetrises!
Over the last month or so, I have been working on my own version of Tetris for the 84+ CSE. At long last, I have managed to complete the project to the best of my abilities.

an image an image

And at the behest of my colleagues on Cemetech, I back ported this version to the 83 and 83+ calculators. Here are what they look like:

an image an image

After getting the main engine complete, Christopher KermMartian Mitchell wanted to take my Tetris engine and utilize Doors CSE to give the game better sprites. And the results of his efforts:

an image an image

If you would like to download any of these versions:

an image TI-83 Version
an image TI-83 Plus Version
an image TI-84+ Color Silver Edition
an image TI-84+ Color Silver Edition Hybrid Version

Posted by tifreak8x on 11.02.13
Back up!
Sorry for the last little while, followers. 1&1 did some mysql changes, and I was busy and unable to fix things, but we are back up now :)

I have been busy with the new CSE calculator, and finished up Checkers! You can find it here:

I started work on a Basic Tetris game, and have made some decent progress on it. If you would like to see it, click

Pokemon is not dead! I promise, I keep looking at the code, I just do not have anything significant to report on its progress. :<

Hope you are all doing well, maybe drop us a line on the forums?

Posted by tifreak8x on 09.30.13
Connect 4
I forgot to announce this when I released it.

I have released a Connect 4 clone for the TI-84+CSE. This game comes with the ability to chose whether you want the default or simple board, and whether you want the animation of the tokens dropping or not.

an image
Shows how the board looks as default.

an image
This shows the generation of the simple board.

an image
This is showing the win generation working.

You can download it from the following locations:

Posted by tifreak8x on 04.07.13
TI-Freakwares Converter update
I found a bug with the cursor on the Pressures category, and an issue on non CSE edition calculators where being on page 2 on a sub category does not get changed to page 1 when reverting back to the main options. Check the previous downloads links to get at the new versions!

Posted by tifreak8x on 03.16.13
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